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Trees, Gardens and Castles 2023

In Autumn 2023, we made a quick visit by Eurostar to Domont, and our friends invited us to join them on a fabulous trip to the Vexin. It's a beautiful part of Normandy countryside. We had a guided tour of the Chateau of Roche-Guyon before going on to Monet's magical garden in Giverny. The weather was unusually warm for September (35 C) - perfect for viewing the garden, but hot for the inside of Monet's house.

Soon after the visit, Domont offered us the chance to have our own Cox apple tree in their new reclaimed forest area. This sapling is now planted and will soon have a plaque in French and English informing visitors about its origins.

Sapling planting team December 2023
Apple tree sapling Jardin d'Alain
In the Leclerq's garden, Domont
The famous bridge in Monet's garden
Monet's House in Giverny
Leaving Gare du Nord
Dining room in Monet's house
Kitchen in Monet's house
Visit to Roche-Guyon, Vexin
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